Quantum Edge — Project Accelerator

It’s here — today I’m happy to announce the release of my new mega suite of Stacks modules, Quantum Edge, which will help you design some highly original and quality websites while saving you eons of valuable time.

Those of you who’ve been around a while will remember my early Quantum Weaving stacks and layouts… and now here we are, seven years later, with a new Quantum Edge designed specifically for professional webdesigners and experienced Weavers who really want to take their skills and designs to a whole new level.

Quantum Edge is a huge project — so big in fact that I’m lost for words, a fact that’ll definitely please a few of you. So (this time only) I’ll let the modules speak for themselves.

First, though, I’d recommend you watch my typically amateur Overview video to get a very sparse and poorly edited glimpse of the Quantum Edge project, and then take your time to explore all the other pages. There’s a lot to absorb — and some of you will have questions.

If you do have any questions, please feel free to post them here or ask me directly. I look forward to hearing from you.

In the meantime, here are a few more details:

Quantum Edge is a HUGE collection of time-saving Modules for experienced RapidWeavers. There are many pricing options. Foremost is the Whole Quantum Edge Bundle offer in which you can SAVE a massive $333!

Alternatively Buy, Try & Upgrade — and don’t lose out!

If you buy any number of our modules individually and then decide you want to buy the whole Quantum Edge Bundle and still take advantage of our colossal $333 discount offer, no problem — simply get in touch with your purchase details and I’ll send you an upgrade discount code.


Page Modules
• Boson, Gluon, Kaon, Muon, Quark. Five preconfigured and fully-responsive full page modules, packed with highly detailed features, multi-functional sections, original content and card modules, with pre-configured effects and animations. These will save you eons of time and are perfect for landing pages, product and service pages, and single page websites, and can form the base and style for a whole range of website pages.

Highly Versatile
• Every element (and child stack) in every module can be easily copy and pasted, mixed and matched with every other module in the whole Quantum Edge collection. In creative and adaptive design terms, this is a huge feature that has the potential to really accelerate your workflow. It also means almost endless possibilites and drag-and-drop instant style and sophistication.

Section Modules
• A collection of 18 Section Modules that can be quickly deployed to make an immediate impact on both page and clients. They are ideal for creating a tight focus and call-to-action on products and services, standout features and benefits, and other important content you wish to highlight and draw attention to on the page.

Card Modules
• A collection of 10 Card Module pages, each one stacked with multi-styled, multi-purpose content containers (many with pre-configured effects and animations) that work really well displayed in one to six columns.

Footer, iPhone, and Warp Modules
• Three more singular collections of pre-styled and configured modules that will really help recycle visitors and keep them focused and engaged on your website.


Do you have pre-sales questions or would like to find out more? Get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you. Want to learn how to use and make the most of our modules? Find out more about our free live Support sessions every Wednesday at 5.00pm GMT.



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Fantastic work!

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Awesome, gonna need a day to figure it all out…

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This looks amazing @Marten_Claridge!

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I’ve been looking forward to this. I loved Duck Soup and this is another absolutely unbelievable piece of work. And another a great opportunity to take a peek up the wizard’s sleeve (as it were) to see how the agglomeration of BWD stacks have been harnessed to achieve it all. It. Is. Phenomenal.


Stunning ! - simply stunning !! and to know that such creativity is available and just a mouse click away is awesome too.

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Crumbs. That’s a huge piece of work.

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Your “Interview with Ryan Smith” is brilliant. I’ve always admired your sense of absurdity (in your words, not in your designs)…

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@Marten_Claridge Please don’t developed anymore stuff for at least 6 months - it took me 3 months to thoroughly understand the nuances of Duck Soup. Having purchased the entire Quantum Edge bundle that lot should see me into my grave. I must be mad buying that entire lot!!!

Regards Ken


@PaulRussam — Thanks. Always happy to blow your mind!

@Robert-Reinink — Good luck, Robert, I’m still trying!

@isaiah — Thanks, Isaiah, that’s high praise indeed!

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I’ve been looking at these modules and they’re terrific. They’re eye-catching and attractive, flexible and easy to customize. Highly recommended!

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@csmltd, @robbeattie, @habitualshaker @TraciSlatton — thanks for the kind words!

@Rovertek — Thanks for reminding me about these interviews. It’s good to go back and wallow in the memories of the ‘good old days’. It’s also sad that the community has lost some great characters in recent years. I miss Ryan Smith, who really engendered the spirit of the community back then. I also miss having the time to write even more absurd absurdities!

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@kpryce1 — Sorry to disappoint you, Ken, but I’m already working on some new stuff that will not only prolong your life but make you even more attractive to the opposite sex!

Is this similar to the Depth stack? There so much great stuff here, plus Quantum Edge sounds so cool.

Friend: How did you design that site?
Me: Using Quantum Edge!
Friend: Wow!


@Marten_Claridge I’m sure I saw a picture of you with Goldie Hawn on one of your ‘thing’ stacks. If an ugly git like you can pull someone like Goldie I’ll buy into your ‘make attractive to opposite sex’ offerings. Quantum has some great stuff, by the way, which saves my aging brain many molecules - copy and paste and tweak is very comforting.

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Hi Simon — With regard to Depth, I think it’s a matter of ‘horses for courses’ and that similarities between Quantum Edge and any other molecular construction exist in only two other parallel universes I’m aware of.

The name of course came to me in a vision. :wink:


Instant purchase :stuck_out_tongue:

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@kpryce1 — I think you’re confusing me with @AngusMacPheep, Ken — everyone knows he’s the real talent and lady-magnet on our team!


Ah, Goldie… poor girl. She’s still heartbroken, of course. Maybe you could put a bag over your head and catch her on the rebound?

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