Question about Containers Foundation 6

Probably answering my own question here but just want to be sure…

With F1 I would create a new section on the page with a single column set to site width (when appropriate) and content overflow hiden (needed for certain animations created in Hype).

I realise with F6 I use a container as the first piece of this content instead of a single column, but am I right in thinking I can use multiple containers for each page section? So I can break the page up in to sections for design layout. Or is the intention of a container to set the overall page layout and to be used just once as an overall ‘master container’?

Just wondering in case there is some code rules and expectations that gets a naughty frown from search engine indexing or is just general bad practice, thinking along the similar lines of when headers are thrown in with all jumbled order to just to make text bigger or smaller, h2, h3, h1, h1, h3 etc)

I have watched the videos and searched forum but can’t fathom out what the best practice is.


You can use as many containers as you like on a single page.

One of the field is the HTML tag (i.g. article, header, footer) if used property will help search engines and other crawlers negotiate the structure of the site.

Thanks Doug for the info, that’s great and the HTML tags is mighty useful, I’m glad you mentioned that as I can consider that now as I’m ploughing through re-doing my own website in F6 to acclimiatise to it’s process.

Funnily enough (this is always the case with new software) although it is fairly intuitive after F1 there are some real roadblocks where I’m thinking what??? Where’s it gone??? Wish I had stuck with F1! Then you realise, wow! that’s really nifty this is so much better, really well thought out.

Loving F6 so far.

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