Alternative to Sections by Foundry for Foundation 6

Hi there I’m looking for a stack that does exactly what SECTIONS by Foundry does:

I have Foundry and all the extensions, but I already use the foundation 6 framework for my current project.

So I’m looking for something compatible.

Thank you advance!

I don’t think there is anything “built-in” to F6 that does what sections do.

Joe (@joeworkman ) does have a stand-alone product that does the same kind of single-page site called Screens.

I don’t have that one so I can’t tell you much about it. I do think it would work with F6.

You don’t need a stack in F6 to do this you can do it in seconds by applying a swatch to a column setting the vertical height to 100% browser (do this for each section/page).
Then, put an anchor at the top of each column.
Make a sticky menu that links to each anchor.


No horizontal scrolling that sections and screens do if you take that approach.

True… I didn’t even notice it did horn scrolling.

they both give you an indicator of where you are (vertically at least). I’m not a big fan of these styles, most usability studies show users have a hard enough time with navigating a site that respects web conventions.

Thanks for all your help!

Yeah, I figured it’s possible to do something similar without additional stacks. I might try it with swatches since I only need it vertically.

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