Rapid weaver 3.6.6 advice. Any veteran users out there?

Hi Friendly people,

I know it’s ancient and I should have updated years ago, but I had trouble updating with some of the plugins I used and ended up running the site created on this ancient version. We are having a new website built, but for the time being I need to try and install google analytics into rapid weaver 3.6.6 pages. It is not supported in this version of the software directly, so where could I paste the code from google to make it work? I can view the code for each page from the main menu, but is there a way I can edit the code itself within rapidweaver? It doesn’t seem to want to let me make any changes. Google recommend putting it before the last bit of html as they explain here: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1008080?hl=en
I am not a codey type so this is out of my comfort zone, but as long as I don’t break the site it would be great to grab some statistics before we take the site down in a couple of months.

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Just put it at the end of the body of each page and go via the program men “format > ignore formatting”

Or go into the theme package, open the index.html with a text editor and write the code before the closing body-tag (but it’s on your own responsibility)

Thanks for the swift response apfelpuree.

I’m guessing I highlight the code bit before the “format > Ignore formatting” bit?
I might have a go at altering the theme though, of course at my own risk. Will this then propagate to all existing pages within that theme automatically? Would I need to set all pages as changed and then re-publish?

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