Rapid Weaver - problems with contact form

Hi, I’m have a few problems with my contact form. Rapid Weaver 5.4 /Mac user

  1. It seems if someone doesn’t fill in their email address, they don’t get a clear message and the form might even get sent, but I don’t get their contact details so I can’t reply ? The email comes to me from me. 2. My service provider did some searching and said the contact form page is only showing up on mac using safari . 3. Somehow my sitemap is a sub page of my contact form, I’m sure this isn’t correct. Any suggestions on all points much appreciated, thanks in advance.

I don’t think the contact form is very sophisticated. You can set ‘Your email’ as a required field but so long as they type some text into it, the form will accept an incorrect or incomplete address and still send the email.

You could always ‘top’ the form with a message asking people to fill the form in carefully and provide a valid email address, otherwise you can’t reply. If they’re making an enquiry, it’s in their interests to provide the correct information.

As to why the Sitemap is a sub page of the contact form, can you look in the page list on the left hand side of RW in edit mode? If Sitemap is indented under Contact Form then it’ll appear as a sub page. You can just drag it out and up a level with the mouse and that should fix it.


Some web hosting providers require that contact forms are sent using an email address associated with the domain. However, the customer email address should be in the body of the email itself.


Hi Rob, thanks for your reply and suggestions, it’s a little frustrating the form isn’t a bit more robust, but your suggestions are a good idea, and I’ll try that with the site map too, many thanks , Carmen

Thanks Nik, unfortunately their email address doesn’t appear any where, I think I’ll include a note as Rob suggested stating that they need to make sure they full in all the details, so I can respond :slight_smile:

@carmenls Please take a look at this post: Contact Form not validating email address - it should help.

Hi Thang, Thanks for that, it looks like a good suggestion, I’m a bit of a basic user, where would I place that code ? Cheers Carmen

@carmenls Hi Carmen - I sent you a PM.


Hi Dave, thank 's for that