Contact form email does not work!

I recently redesigned my resume since 2009. I purchased a theme called MASSV (from and I have a contact email page and when I do a test (I put in one of my emails address) to see if I get the email, I don’t get the email. However the contact page say that it was sent. I have attached two screen shots of the settings.

The people who host my site ( told me to reach out to the person that I purchased the theme from. I reached out to the people that I purchased the theme from and after some tech back and forth, sent me here for some help. I don’t know coding at all and was wondering if someone can please help me out and explain it to me in very simple terms that even a caveman can understand.

Did you make the page a php page?

I don’t think so. I have no idea how to do that. I just created the page and in the page inspector, I put in my email address and in the general settings, I put my email address there as well.

Can you give the url?

Do you mean my website address?

Most hosts won’t allow mail to be sent from their servers using another email.

You should set up an email address under your own domain, not use gmail.

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Contact again and ask these very specific questions:

Does my server have PHP running?

Does my server allow me to send mail via any other means other than SMTP authenticated mail? eg PHP’s standard mail() function?

Does my server allow me to send mail from an email address other than an email address that is tied to my domain? eg from

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Good advice from Doobox.

I suffered problems with contact pages for (what seems like) years.
I purchased and tried plenty of contact forms including spending hours messing around with the Foundation contact form set.

It was all in vain because the problem laid 100% with my web host.
Arguably the problem was with me because the solution was to upgrade my plan to a php compliant one.

Webhosting pad asked me to find out the php version that rapid weaver uses and and this there any custom php extensions that need to be enabled? Then I can make the cahnges in my cPanel. Does anyone have any idea what that means and can help my figure that out?

RapidWeaver doesn’t have a php, to my knowledge. Most stacks and plugins will state which version of php needs to be installed on your web host in order to work.

My web hosting account has php 7.1, so if a plugin needs a minimum of php 5.6 to work, I’d be fine.

You should be able to get them to install php 7.0 or 7.1 for you as 5.6 will soon be obsolete.

As Neil says, PHP 5.6 will be end of life at the end of 2018, but so will PHP 7.0 so if they are going to upgrade your version, hopefully they will get you to 7.1. You can get some good info on PHP here:

I will contact my web host to see. I have already email support for rapidweaver 3 times for help and haven’t heard back

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