Rapidealz - Source of Rapidweaver deals

(Jochen Abitz) #1

There are a lot of deals out there in the RapidWeaver universe. I thought It would be nice to try to build a free site where developers and visitors can recommend new deals and have a source for coupon codes, free fonts, themes, stacks, graphics, etc. Feel free to submit your deal.

Rapidealz is built using Foundation and Total CMS and some duck power.


(steve bee) #2

Hello. I’m not a dev, so really this is nothing to do with me, but the only comment I’d make, is the site is essentially promoting discounting, which in the long run is bad for everyone.

.All devs will do discounts and bundle deals from time to time, but you need to be careful how obvious and “in your face” you make it, otherwise, before long, no one buys at full price, instead monitoring sites like this and either only buying discounted apps (again, bad in the long run for everyone), or waiting until the app they want is discounted before buying. The normal end game is people giving up, going bust, or both.

I’ve seen this happen in quite a few sectors now, it’s a real world risk. When Google Shopping came along it was great, now it’s a race to the bottom, with only the cheapest winning.

(Jochen Abitz) #3

Hi Steve,

thank you for your thoughts. I do offer discounts for my products too and I have no problem with that. Most are limited by time and I don’t think this will be something bad. Am I wrong?

If someone don’t want to be listet, drop me a mail and I will remove it.


(steve bee) #4

My experience from other sectors is sadly, yes. Maybe the app sector is different, I don’t know, but all the other retail areas I work with have all suffered in the longterm when either price comparison or discount code sites appear: All that happens is the buyer gets educated to only buy at a discount, and the level of discount often ends up the deciding factor is what to purchase.

(Jochen Abitz) #5

I think a discount is only a tool for marketing. But I agree that it does work better on the software business. The advantage for a discount: You will get interested visitors on your site. Thinking of it as a kind of classic advertising to get visitors. If you sell bikes and you don’t want or can not do a discount because of the price structure, it would be nice for the customer to get something on top. A bottle or something else. And if the customer is in your shop, he probably needs some more stuff to enjoy his new bike…
But I know what you mean.

This site is an idea to make winner on both sides, users and devs.

(Barrie McDermid) #6

Isn’t that what the announcements forum is for?

(Jochen Abitz) #7

There is no announcement forum any longer for month. At least for me…

(Barrie McDermid) #8


(Terry Vosbein ) #9

Bravo. All you are doing is advertising deals. Keep doing it. You are not low balling, or offering special deals that undercut developers. You are merely passing on information already available on the web. Anyone that is hurt by this does not have a very viable business plan in place.


(Jannis from inStacks Software) #10

@Bazza that is for RMS only.

(Rob D) #11

Looking for “deals” is in human nature. It does not necessarily mean greed. I know I can not afford products of some developers in RW circle.

Deals are not a threat to all developers. Most of them routinely offer deals from time to time, or bundle their apps for a discount. They are not forced to do that, but they earn our gratitude.

Even shops selling Apple products sometimes provide deals – usually for a very short period of time.

So, why not compile the news about deals to make them more accessible for those who need them?

BTW, you are free to buy apps at their regular price, whenever they are not discounted. I do that too, sometimes. The fact that some addons are on sale does not necessarily mean that I go and buy them whether or not I need them. I am even known for buying apps for regular prices, even though I know I will never use them – just to support developers.

(Mike S) #12

Great idea for a site! This is a useful way to get the developers deals known to a wider audience. There developers I didn’t even know existed and probably wouldn’t have seen their products otherwise. So this has already been beneficial to me for getting to know some new products. I do most of my shopping through the community site so if the product is not on there then I usually don’t see it unless I come across it by accident.

So for some developers, this site would a great way to get more exposure and lead to additional sales on other, non-discounted products.

(steve bee) #13


I think some might be misinterpreting what I’m saying. First I’ve no experience of the software retail market, so the usual rules might not, and most likely don’t, apply. What I am talking about is a well-proven reality in many other retail sectors that these types of sites educate consumers to shop in a certain way, which is normally detrimental in the long run to producers.

I’m not knocking what has been done, just trying to bring experience gained in other sectors to the table for consideration.

(Jason Bostick) #14

On a related / unrelated note - nice use of TCMS to show an example of how to have sections on a site where users can submit content. I’m sure there are lots of use cases for that.

Curious how it works on the backend - is the submission autosaved as a draft and then you go in and set the approved ones to ‘live’?

(Jochen Abitz) #15

Yes, exactly. It is autosaved as a draft.

(Jochen Abitz) #16

Yummy FTP Pro Summer Sale for a week:


(Jochen Abitz) #17

25% off HotSpotsPro 3



Great idea, @jochenabitz!

(Jochen Abitz) #19

OneLittleDesigner: 25-35% Off Themes & Stacks.


Rapidealz: If you know a nice deal, fill in the form and share it with the Rapidweaver community.

(Paul Ricci) #21

I’d like to add my two cents here.

I like the deals site idea, but why would you leave deals on there from April and May (and even June) if they are no longer in effect?

It just clutters up the site.