Should I wait for the Black Friday


I’m still using the demo version of RapidWeaver and I love it. I will buy for sure. Should I wait for the Black Friday, since I’m not in a hurry? Will there be a discount then?


Don’t know about for sure , but don’t remember RapidWeaver it self being on sale. A lot of the addon developers do have Black Friday sales, so you might wait on any plugins, themes or stacks.


I just went through my email, and there was a 50% deal for all RM apps. RW was 7.5 version.
Thanks anyway.

Realmac tend to offer deals just as they are approaching the launch of a new version. I would be very surprised if they discounted RW significantly this year.

If I were you I would buy it if you want it and contact them if they offer a discount on Black Friday. They’re pretty good about stuff like that.

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Thanks. I will do that. RW is premium software and the price is not high at all. It’s just that in EU it’s a bit higher, so all of my apps got a price bump.

We plan on having a little discount sale for Black Friday, nothing huge, but if you want to save a bit you may want to wait…

Realmac Software will also be 16 years old on the 19th of November so this all ties in quite nicely.

Hope that helps.



So can I guess a 16% discount :wink:

I might not wait for the sale if I get some free time to work on my project. From the 4-5 hours, I spent with the app, it’s worth much more.


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