RapidWeaver 8.7 Big Sur


Since the update to Big Sur, I can no longer load a project (RapidWeaver 8.7). This is an absolute disaster for me as I run over 10 websites. I am completely desperate. Can anyone help me?


Hi Andy,

The good news is that RapidWeaver runs just great on Big Sur, so I’m sure we can help and find out what’s going on.

What error are you seeing when you try to open your projects? Can you give more details? Can you start new projects?

It might just be a simple case of making sure your plugins are up-to-date. What plugins are you using? Stacks?

Many Thanks

Hi Dan

A miracle has happened. After 10 minutes I can now open all projects again. But please don’t ask me why? Thanks for your spontaneous offer of help!

Best regards

Hey Andy,

No problem, I know these things can feel terrifying when they happen and it really throws you.

Glad it’s all back working now.

Happy Weaving!

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