RapidWeaver Purchase VAT errors

Purchased RapidWeaver 8 upgrade today via Paddle - the problem is that Paddle are not treating VAT (20%) correctly. Their office (and VAT registration) is in EIRE, not UK, so VAT should not be charged to UK or other European businesses, as it is not reclaimable.

EU VAT rules state that the purchaser should provide their EU VAT registration number (GB… in my case) and the product should be sold NET of VAT.

In UK, only UK VAT can be reclaimed (unless the VAT figure owed is over £20k to justify the hoops that need to be jumped through).

I have notified Paddle of the issue.



Thanks Nick, this is certainly something Paddle will be able to help you with.


Thanks Dan, it is their problem for sure, but felt you should be aware.

@NickWB are you sure you entered your VAT number in the first instance (i.e. at the initial page of procedure, and in the correct format).

I purchased RW8 on Sunday using my companies Portuguese VAT number and I was given the full 23% (Portuguese rate) discounted against the price at source.

@ricinport Your transaction was exactly as it should be. I checked what you saw by setting my location to Portugal. My transaction was in GBP and entering a VAT number was not an option for UK purchasers (see screen grab).

Previously Paddle had a UK office and all was fine; it was only after purchase that I noticed the VAT Number was IE 339 **** ****PH, hence the problem

Paddle, unlike RapidCart Pro :wink:, doesn’t automatically handle EU VAT, so you need to contact Paddle support asking for VAT refund and a new invoice.

See my reply below.

Please disregard my previous statement.
This was due to my inability to enter a VAT ID in purchase form with small devices or windows.
“Enter VAT ID” button is hidden under bottom bar.
Sorry to all.

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