Reentering Online Selling Market

I am planning to sell my custom-created decals online and it has been many years since I’ve done this so I’m very rusty. I’ll be building my website (RW8 and Stacks 3) and shop and it will have 14 different designs to start with multiple sizes and colors available for each (prefer a separate page for each but I could add them to a single page). My questions are:

  • What cart is recommended for my shop and what I’m planning to sell?
  • What are my options for payment processing? (Many years ago I used PayPal but I know I have many more options now and cost is a factor as I think it will some time before I see much in the way volume of decals being sold.)
  • With the two previous questions in mind, I plan on getting Foundation - are there any potential issues with Foundation and certain carts?

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

The best stacks based solution with good support for variants, that I’ve used recently, is Paysnap by @yabdab.

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You did not mention what country you are selling your decals in.
Some recent changes in US tax law may have some impact on how to best approach this.

For a long time you only needed to collect sales tax from sales made into states where you had a physical presence. That has changed now to where any taxing district in any municipality or state can decide you need to collect and remit sales tax to them. The problem here is how to stay abreast and current with applicable rates and taxing districts.

You should probably make sure that whatever mechanism you use to collect your money can be made compliant with all this inevitable chaos.

The Supreme Court ruling in South Dakota v. Wayfair Inc., (June 21, 2018) established that individual states can require ecommerce retailers to collect state sales tax on the goods they sell.

Certain states have enacted economic nexus standards, which requires businesses that have a selling connection to that state other than a physical presence to collect sales tax on remote commerce.

You should check with your tax attorney or accountant but most RapidWeaver businesses are small enough that they would be exempt from hitting the gross Yearly Sales threshold each state has established.

All but two states have set a Yearly Sales Thresholds at $100,000 or higher.

$10,000 a Year Sales Threshold

  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania

$100,000 or higher a Year Sales Threshold

  • All other states
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That is encouraging news Doug.

Do you know whether this exemption precludes you from just having to collect the tax or doe it also eliminate the need to declare that you are under the threshold? Is there any paperwork associated with selling in these states?

The laws will vary by state. There’s also some federal laws being proposed that might “override” the confusion of each state. Now with our current partisan political climate in Washington I wouldn’t hold my breath on anything happening.

If you’re concerned then I’d recommend you contact your tax attorney or accountant.

More information and a state by state chart here:

Apologies. I will be doing business in the US.

Thank you all for the advice and information!

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