Recommendations for small e-commerce

I have a customer who wants a site where she can sell a few items she makes. At this point it’s just 3 things but down the road it could be more.

I’ve seen RapidCart but it seems to do a lot more than I need to do, at least at the moment. All she needs is for people to pick the items they want to buy and then enter a credit card and shipping info. I already told her to easiest way to do purchasing was with PayPal.

Any recommendations? Is RapidCart the way to go? I see there used to be another product called PayLoom which seems to have disappeared.

A side note regarding this site… she also wants to keep her own blog on the site and I’ve settled on using Armadillo to do this. In both cases, the 2 products I would have to purchase and learn how to use.


set her up with a free ecwid account, easy to use and easy to put in RW

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Very interesting Scott. Thanks!
Do they give instructions on how to use with Rapidweaver?

Hello @jabohn,

first of all its important to know whether your client wants to add more items by herself in the future.

If not, I recommend to use Paddle as it supports PayPal and Credit Card, additionally it handles all the stuff concerning taxes. For Paddle-Integration you can use:

If you only want to use PayPal, then you can use:

  • Cart by Yuzoolthemes ($5.00 while Sayonara-Sale)

  • PaySnap by YabDab ($29,95)

A third option, which combines the blog and the eCommerce-stuff would be to use Pulse CMS, as it supports both:

  1. An easy to use (and really easy to set up) blog

  2. An eCommerce-Solution including Paddle, Snipcart, Stripe

As the Pulse CMS - Stacks are made by @instacks, but the CMS itself is made by @yuzool you have two really nice and helpful guys by your side :wink:
(btw the Pulse Stacks are free and a single Pulse CMS license costs $39)
The advantage of using Pulse is that your client can add more items to sell by herself, the only other solution coming to my mind, which is able to do this, would be Cartloom.

Happy weaving :grin:

EDIT (as I’m not allowed to create more answers today :cry:)

The disadvantage with Stripe is that it only accepts Credit Cards, but not PayPal.

Btw, I’m also using Pulse, its really worth to keep an eye on :wink:


You could check out strip

If it just a few items then an ecwid free account is great. Setup is as simple as dropping their provided snippets into an HTML stack. You get product grids, horizontal and vertical category navigations, and multiple add to cart button types.

The ecwid product editor (that the client can use) is very simple and very flexible. Although very easy to use, it will handle taxes, international shipping and digital downloads should you require You also get the benefit of an ecwid storefront site which you could re-direct to if your site was ever down for maintenance etc.


Simple as pasting in a code snippet

I may be a bit bias, but Cartloom would be a solid choice. :wink:

Try it out now for free…


Wow there’s a lot more than I realized. I like the idea of the free thing with ecwid which can scale up if she needs plus she could do that art herself. I have some more investigating to do! I need to find out a bit more how it works with paying etc, like do they take off a % etc.

If she doesn’t want to control the products then possibly Cartloom.

Pulse looks good too, but maybe a bit too much for me for starting off.

Cartloom will give you control over products as well.

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Ecwid does not take a % they make mine if she needs to upgrade in the future for more features and more products.

If she sets up a paypal account for payment that will take care of credit cards as well. PayPal does of course charge a transaction fee.

Thanks guys. So if I understand it correctly:

Ecwid - Paypal and credit cards. I can hand off the account to the client if she wants to do the products herself. I link it to the Rapidweaver site.

Cartloom - PayPal only (but credit cards through the PayPal account). Can only be set up and edited in Rapidweaver.

Cartloom can be used with ANY web maker, OR even without a website. You can have your own store without a website.

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+1 for Paysnap. Easy to do yourself, uses PayPal and no hassle.

yes, sort of you don’t “link it” to the RW site you actually embed it in the RW site.
You also get a stand alone store and a Facebook store.

cart stack by yuzoo. simple and awesome!

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Except Cart Stack doesn’t appear to be for purchase on its own. Only in a bundle with tons of other stacks. Their website isn’t very friendly either and turned me off right away.


I agree!

I was looking at buying the Feed stack a few days ago, but was completely confused by the website and the options available. It appears that you can’t buy any individual addons, even though there’s a link that says you can. Even if I’m wrong about the addons, the website is so confusing, it was an instant turn off for me too.

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But it does let you buy ALL of them for any price that you want. You can keep only what you want. Seems like a decent deal.

They have a new business model and I’d say there focus seems to be more on Pulse and their cloud plans vs developing individual stacks. So they may be intentionally de-emphasising those stacks. Having said that, I presume that they’re still supporting those stacks and their support is top notch


Anything like Pay Snap that works with Stripe? @yabdab? I am looking for something like Rapidcart Pro but with a developer that actually responds to support. I don’t want to use Paypal. I want to build a cart in RW and use Stripe for payments.
thanks :slight_smile: