Remove Extra Space


I’m using NCD’s Writer Theme w/ the RW Blog Plugin.

On the main blog page, I’ve opted for entries to be displayed in summary mode w/ the “Read More…” button. The reason I have the ellipsis is because otherwise the button has awkward space on the end. I tried some CSS, but wasn’t sure what to target.

Is there a way to shorten the tail end of the button?


Why not just do what Nick does in the demo and add three dots?


Hi Chet,

try the following CSS (paste it in the CSS tab in the Code settings or the page inspector):

.blog-entry .blog-entry-body .blog-read-more a {
    padding-right: 15px;

If it still doesn’t work, try adding an !important rule:

.blog-entry .blog-entry-body .blog-read-more a {
    padding-right: 15px !important;


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That did it! I wasn’t declaring the full line. Thanks for the assist! :slight_smile:

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