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Hi all,

I’m trying to create a ‘special message’ page for my site which uses the Engineering theme as default. I want a simple blank page showing only the site logo and title and the text of the message.

I’ve managed to change the colour of the links so they disappear, but you can still see the highlight when you navigate. I’ve managed to remove the footer links thanks to a previous topic - but this is baffling me as I can’t locate the right class. Ideally, I’d like to remove the links altogether rather than trying to camouflage them.

The URL is But I can’t show the specific page as it is time sensitive and now is no the time for it to be seen!


What did you do to make that happen?

Again what did you do to mak this happen?

Since you can’t show the link to the real page might help to know what custom stuff has been done.

To remove the footer links I ‘borrowed’ the following (this is in the global code CSS page as I want it across all pages.

/* remove all navigation links in footers */
footer .navbar-nav {
display: none !important;

To camouflage the links I just edited the default Engineer theme for the page

but the links are still there and it would be possible to accidently click on one.

This is how the screen currently appears in RW.


I’m assuming the links you are trying to get rid of are the ones in top navigation?

If so try this

#navbarNav a.nav-link {
    display: none;

Oh brilliant! Thanks so much Doug!

I spent some time looking at the source last night and I tried a load of things but couldn’t work out exactly which class needed modifying. Are there any tips you can give me on where I should be looking in future? I used to be a ‘C’ programmer many years ago, and can manage some HTML but I’m really new to CSS.


You would probably be best of by starting to learn some CSS, at least getting an understanding of the basics of how styles are applied to html elements.
There’s literally thousands of books, tutorials, and online resources available with many being free.
Once you’ve got the basics down then I would suggest you then learn to use the built-in web developer tools from one or more the browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari.

Some good Resources:

Appreciate you taking the time for these hints! I’ve just started reading Jon Duckett’s HTML and CSS book but only got it a couple of days ago! Hopefully, I can learn to fish and not just beg for scraps!

Thanks again

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