Renaming urls and impact on SEO rankings

(Bruce Bressack) #1

I have a client website where the page urls currently all end in .html. For example, I wanted to change the urls to more accurately reflect what is on the webpage. For example, The navigation page names will not be changed; just the urls. My concern is that by changing the urls it will impact the SEO rankings that they currently enjoy for all the pages that end in .html. Should I be concerned?

(Gregory Barchard) #2

Yes renaming pages will affect your Seo unless you properly set up per many redirects. These redirects will inform search engines of the new URL location. Typically, almost all (85% or more) Seo juice will flow to the new URL.

I hope that helps


(Bruce Bressack) #3

It does help Greg. Thanks for taking the time to respond.


(Gregory Barchard) #4

Sorry that should read Permanent Redirects. Autocorrect fail.