Replacing a Joomla website

Hi, I have a question… I have a old website created on Joomla and I want to upload my website created on rapidweaver. At this point my ftp folder is like this

I have the necessary credentials for login on this ftp account. What I want … I want my new website to replace the old one, but at the same time to keep this old site for like a month or two like o weblink on the new one … So … I ask … it will be ok to move all the files and folders from above in a folder named OLD and then upload my new site in here using rapidweaver and place a link to the old one something like or do I have to make some more steps … Can someone help ?
Sorry for my English …

Don’t know what host company you are using or how your setup is. That looks more like a “one level up” view. Most host providers would have you publish to a directory like htdocs or public_html. Since the listing above shows the htdocs I would open that up and see what’s in it, or check with you host provider.

As far as moving your site to another folder and then linking to it, you could always copy first and test the link.

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Well the problem is that I do not now that either …and that make the things worst … and for some reasons they cannot say that … but, I placed my new website hidden in the old one for testing and it is working… so … no idea ? since I newer use Joomla before and I have no idea how it is working … on the hotdogs I have only a index.php and the usual garbage …

if you move your old site you should put a redirect in your .htaccess file else any external links to you will be broken.

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