RESOLVED: Taking on curation of an existing website

I’ve created and curated a website for the village in which I live in the UK for 15 or 16 years as my voluntary contribution to the community. However, I now want to give it up. It’s built using Foundation 1 and a whole range of different stacks.

My question is: is there anyone here who would like to take it on on a commercial basis? There is not a huge amount of money for this project, but the creation is done so it’s ongoing curation using the project file that I could hand over once an agreement is in place.

If anyone’s interested, please let me know and I can happily supply more information.

Did you find someone to take on this project for you?

Thanks for asking, Linda (@llangpierce)… Yes, I did, but sadly not the one I’d personally have gone with but my hands were tied by the local Council (based on cost).

Your message makes me realise that I should re-title the topic to indicate its status - now done!

Happy new year!