Looking for a RW expert to help with site re-design

Looking for a RW expert to help with the re-design of my current old RW site. I’ve started the re-design using Foundry, but I could use Foundation also (and of course, Stacks). I’d like to know which would be better. I’m on RW8. I’d like to get help with getting the framework, design and SEO setup on a few pages but then I would take over the design to finish the site and maintaining the site. Sometimes I’m struggling with trying to figure out the best way to do something. So, some basic “how-to” help would be great also. Ideally, it would be preferred if you were based in the U.S. (makes dealing with the time difference easier). Anyway, if interested in getting more details, message me back. Thx!

I am happy to help here. I do work with Foundry. See a reference site here:


And on my page (which is in german):

Kind regards,

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I sent you an email a couple days ago. Did you receive it?

Hi Barry, sorry no. Otherwise I would have written back instantly :slight_smile: can you send it again to hallo@einfach-gute-seiten.de please?