Responsive padding/margin

Dear rapidwaever professionals
I can’t find any possibility of setting for responsive padding/margin just on mobile (not on tablet+/desktop+). I’m using the foundation-theme, stacks 3. If anyone has an idea?
thanks. Valeri.

Take a look at Big White Duck’s stacks particularly Grummage and SectionsPro. These have much finer control over margins and padding.


Thanks, Rob. SectionsPro gives me exactly this possibilities I’ve been looking for and much more!

The Paddy set of stacks by @webdeer will give you lots of control over margin/padding based on custom breakoints, but you’re also in very good hands with Sections Pro.

@vahe Take a look at SectionsBox as well. It has detailed padding settings for each device size and selectable units (%, px, em etc) for each.