Stack to get the site responsive on mobiles


I need some help. Im using Boreal theme and its responsive but not enough.

Im making some profiles and they just wont be respsonsive and fit the screen on mobiles when they are upright.

I have used normal column and clean columns too. I have tried i dont know many different ways with padding, margin etc.

here is link to the problem. this is the best I have been able to do it.


this stack will help you to archive what you want:

Used them for responsive themes and they worked well.


Hi @gitte_holgaard

Boreal is 100% responsive and one of the best non blank themes you can buy for RW. Its a classic.
The problem is the stacks you are dropping into the pages are not responsive. No responsive theme can compensate for that.

As another poster has indicated you need to get yourself a quality, responsive column/container stack and put your content into that to preserve responsiveness. You will also need a responsive image stack for any pictures. In fact any stack you use on the site should support responsive design.

I recommend Reflow by Doobox:
This is a a seriously powerful column/container stack which makes predicting layouts for various devices a walk in the park. Its extremely light on your page too.

And the JW fluid image stack:-

Good luck



@jochenabitz My friend sayd that the one I have used is better. bit its just dont work what ever I do in the profiles.

@kryten I know its responsive and thats why I wondered why just the profiles wouldnt be responsive as the only pages, that don´t fit on the mobiles upright. :relaxed:

I haved try one more thing and that is power grid. It seems as it works. at least now you can see it on the mobiles upright.

I hope this will work and I can get it adjusted when my RW stop crashing. :confused:


Please see this thread regarding your crashing issue…