Responsive Video Embed

Forgive me for asking this question again but I was hoping someone had some information in regards to how to embed a video into a responsive theme keeping that video responsive as well. I’ve looked at a few answers on the blog but it is like reading a strange language to me. I do not understand CSS, Java etc. I have basic HTML knowledge so I am hoping someone has a better solution to getting the video to be responsive. Thanks you.

Depends on what theme you are using. Most, if not all, of Will Woodgate’s themes are responsive and have an option to make all videos responsive. Have only 960 px of width, but your embed code is 1280? Not a problem: it will be automatically made responsive. I don’t think this is true of all other developers, but I’m sure some others also have a similar structure.

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It’s hard to help without a link to your page, or at least to know which theme you are using.

Thank you guys but I found the answer I was looking for. Someone was smart enough to keep it simple. This is the code that solved the problem.
img, iframe {
max-width: 100%;

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