Responsive youtube embed

am finding my way around rapidweaver (basic, no stacks… yet). i embedded 2 youtube videos into a site, but the images are very small. fyi, using the ‘lander pro’ theme.

if i make them larger (with default youtube values)… they’re too wide on a phone. i tried to make them responsive with css code i found online, but… messed up the whole page.

how can i make these larger on a computer, but still within the frame on an iphone, ipad, etc? thanks in advance, this community has already been very helpful!


Try out this stack from @willwood, it’s free, if you like it give a contribution.

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Try the code this site generates

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that did it! and the ‘embed responsibly’ site is now bookmarked.

thanks both of you, amazing how fast people respond here.

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