Restore to factory settings?

Hi Weaver peeps!
I’m looking for a bit of advice from people more clued up than myself about how to restore my iMac.
Prior to buying it in 2015 I used a MacBook pro that I bought back in 2008 that eventually slowed down to a crawl, overheated and died. (thank you nvidia!)

Fortunately I used Time Machine on an external drive and so was able to copy everything over to my brand new, fast as anything iMac.
Within a month the 8gb memory may as well be a casio calculator and it’s just as slow as my old MacBook was, despite only ever really using it for RW and Garageband.

I put up with it for 18 months, unsure what to do, and eventually created a new profile to see how well it ran. It was back to it’s old self, hurrah!
1 month on and it was back to a crawl again.

So I’ve put up with it for another 18 months and wonder if I just need to get rid of any old remnants of the 2008 backup and start all over.

It’s a bit scary, so I thought I’d ask the question on here first.
Any suggestions?


Maintenance is a simple free trouble-free maintenance program that will clear up a lot of issues without you needing to be an expert :wink: Just use the right one for your OS. There are others. This is the Simplest.
Otherwise there are a lot basic tips available through other resources on the web, many that want to sell you something. Try to avoid them and just try simple free troubleshooting/maintenance.

Upgrading hardware is one solution but with todays computers it’s not as easy or even economical as in the past.

Good luck.

Have you tried looking at Activity Monitor, it’s built in to macOS. I would suggest starting there and try to ID what’s happening to slow down the mac. It’s new so you shouldn’t need a hardware upgrade.

Thanks both.
I permanently have Activity Monitor open to see what might need to close and monitor the current free memory with Memory Cleaner. kernel_task is almost always above 1gb.
With just 3 apps open Mail, iTunes and Firefox (no add ons) I rarely get above 100mb of free memory. Opening up RW then almost puts it to sleep.

I’ve not stumbled across Maintenance before, so I’ll certainly try it out and see if it clears anything up.

Thanks again guys.