RW become too complicated?

I have noticed a few threads lately that share a common thread. RW is presumed to be too complicated to perform basic design and websites. There are also many concerns of extraordinary costs for targeted simple websites, pages or projects.

Perhaps this is a normal migration or perhaps this is an accident.

For sure it is not the the same application as when I started still in version 1.x something. V2 was just coming out shortly after.

Take the application where you will. I am just pointing it out. :slight_smile:

You can still build quick and simple sites with just RapidWeaver, no adding required. Check out the first video here: Tutorials | RapidWeaver Community

If you want to go further you can install Stacks.

If you’re feeling stuck be sure to watch more of the video tutorials here:

Hope that helps.



@dan, I appreciate the response!

Perhaps more focus from RW staff on the themes would help? More diversity of function and design.

Most of the rest of the community is focused on stacks which gives more free form design however at the cost of money and skill level required.

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