Rapidweaver becoming unusable

Adding a simple partial to a few pages of a new and nearly empty project - suddenly the menu jumps between pages in an endless loop. Not the first time this has happened. What is going on with Rapidweaver? It is a nightmare to work with these days. Alongside this we get the never ending saga of Preview taking forever to load pages and frequently loading incorrectly.


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Unfortunately the “Site Styles” is not a simple thing. It is actually one of the largest stacks out there. It weighs in around 300ms to process the dynamic CSS and then loads another static css file to boot. 300ms is much longer than it takes you to flip between pages there. So it’s honestly just trying to render the CSS.

@joeworkman and i have been brainstorming on ways to reduce the size and speed of rendering of this stack. at some point though there’s not a lot that can be done when something has that much CSS.

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What version of RapidWeaver are you using? I am pretty sure that this was fixed in RapidWeaver 8.1

@manofdogz Yes, I’ve had this - closing the simulator sorts it for me.

Closing RW solves most of the problems.

Yes, this was ironic.



May I chime in as a generally happy user of RW since version 3.5 with two glosses and a suggestion?

  • to have such a sophisticated piece of software accommodate so many addons is a huge achievement. Incompatibilities are almost inevitable. Yet a huge amount of work has been done to aggregate and help users of addons get the best from them. And the number of add-on developer ‘stars’ is very impressive;
  • just how representative the problems aired here on this forum are of the experience for the total user base only the Counsells and their team are likely to know.

Potential new providers of revenue to Realmac, though, may well come across this forum and gain quite the wrong impression - if, for 99% of RW users, everything always works to their satisfaction.

I wonder if RW would gain by taking a leaf out of Apple’s book in that period when they said that forthcoming OS’s would concentrate not (so much) on new functionality, as on regrouping and revisiting stability and reliability.

IOW if RW 9 were designed to hold the line and concentrate on transparently addressing those known problems.

And (I’ll run for cover) promote as rigorous an approved developer policy as Apple implicitly does with MAS vendors - so that those addons (and even themes) known to cause frustration due to inadequate documentation, poor support, lack of response to user questions etc were flagged as such… ‘Use at your own risk’ even :slight_smile: !


How can I replicate this? I use RW all day long and this has not happened to me since RW8.0.x. Do you have a simulator open?


I agree with Joe…my RW is up and going all day everyday.
None of the issues people are talking about…
I can’t live without it.


I’m pretty sure the simulator wasn’t open but I may be wrong - I had been using it. I had created a simple partial and was adding it to 6 pages. On the 4th page it started. I can’t replicate now although it has happened before.

I couldn’t agree more. There seems to be an obsession with product developers generally to find new ways of doing things and very often they are new but that’s it! Take the redesign of Page Styles in the right hand Inspector (RW6?). For my money the old version with the little radio button type styling was far superior visually - but either way the new design didn’t add anything, it was just ‘new’. Similarly with putting the right and left inspector buttons in the same place - just another new thing to get used to. If the great guys at Realmac could really focus on performance I would be very happy. The major concerns I would like to see looked at are 1) Preview Generation, 2) this ‘bouncing’ issue and 3), whilst it has never been an issue for me, there are a fair number of people struggling with Publishing / ftp. And I’ll run for cover with you - the last paragraph is well worth looking at. Said it before but I would far sooner pay more for great products which are well supported.

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I should also add that prior to this I did some housekeeping and removed old stacks and plug-ins that are no longer used (I have hundreds) including all old demo versions.

Same here Joe - over 100 sites, 80/20 Rapidweaver / WordPress. RW is always open. I’d love to know what’s missing from or different in your set up that doesn’t cause these issues!

I don’t know how helpful this is, but is there any point to the screen simulation in RW when the function on Safari does the same job?

I learned that from a Realmac training video.

@manofdogz Would be interesting to know the size of the project, and the hardware you’re running it on when you see the page flipping issue. I wonder if it happens more on slower hardware as RW gets stuck in a loop.

For me Rapidweaver is the most stable it’s ever been, and I know there’s a lot of users happily using it without issue. People often come to the forum when they have an issue so I think in someways this creates a false impression about RW sometimes :frowning:

Since the launch of RW 8 we’ve been focusing on stability and fixes, you only need to look through the release notes to see that - https://www.realmacsoftware.com/rapidweaver/releasenotes/

We’re going to continue working on and improving RapidWeaver 8.x, and this will of course be the same RW9!



Page flipping happened again this morning to me, Simulator was open, closing it didn’t work this time, had to do a hard crash. Using MacPro 2011 Quad 2.8 with SSD HD & 32Gb RAM, 10.13.6 / Latest RW / Stacks - Now been working fine for the last 3 hours.

Thanks, Dan! That’s very re-assuring. It also accords with my own experience - for, what?, 15 years… very very few probs that haven’t been relatively easy to work around.

The point of my post, though, is to suggest that - so rich is the RW world and system - that it must take new and ‘unseasoned’ (and perhaps less determined) users some time to make sense of it all - particularly the addons. And particularly within that sub-world of addons I wonder how quickly users realize who are the many, many heroes; and who the villains, who produce buggy, un-updated and unmaintained code; and who never reply to emails requesting support and help. I feel sure that this phenomenon is very likely to distort users’ opinions of what RW (without doubt the market leader) can do.

No criticism of Realmac, whose team has gone out of their way to point users in the right direction when it comes to addons.

But I’d have thought that, for 90% of users, addons contribute most to the variety of RW’s strengths.

And, again a guess, I’d have thought that a good 75% of those are superb; we all know them; they are always helping here.

But it can all still be a bit of a maze. Posts here seem to bear that out. Sometimes users are unsure where to turn for help: RW itself, a theme, custom CSS, a stack, add-on etc.

All I’m suggesting is - in a word - some sort of consolidation. Some schematic, roadmap, (other) documentation that is always up to date (!) and which guides the typical first time poster here through the richness of RW.



@Phi I guess @MarkSealey wanted to express that RW is the market leader for desktop based website creating software, which IMHO is true.

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I am experiencing the same page jump loop. It happens in all kinds of projects, big ones and small ones. I am using RW 8.1.6 on an iMac 5k 4Ghz with 32GB RAM, so quite a powerful machine. It seems to be related to the simulator as it only happens when I have that on.

Besides…I’d appreciate if people could keep general rants and homages in a separate thread. I like and use RW daily, but I neither feel the need to glorify it nor to damn it.