RW Error: NSInvalidArgumentException

I’m getting an error with a project. NSInvalidArgumentException.

This happened after we started adding blog content to the site. I think we added about 5 blog posts and then the latest one, we styled the text in the text editor by creating Headings.

I don’t have a link as my site won’t export/publish now.

Any ideas?


That’s a program exception for RealMac. I would copy the project file and get a copy to RealMac Support.

@dan @Aaron @tpbradley

The only think I can think of as a work around is to go back to a prior (TimeMachine) to the change copy of the project file. See if you can get past the issue.

I’ll send them a copy. We just recreated the 5 blog posts in a new page and deleted the corrupted page. Working fine now. @Aaron @dan @tpbradley Here’s a link to the corrupted file.

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