RW8 Future Theme configuration

I just bought Rapidweaver 8 after watching the tutorials on new themes. I was persuaded because Future looked like it was what I wanted.

In the video (5 New Themes), the header image is much smaller than can actually be created by the software. On my iMac it takes up the whole visible page but the tutorial shows it only on half. This isn’t a resolution thing, the figure in the image is cropped.

I can find no settings allowing me to emulate the tutorial appearance. I have found no help by searching, so may have not used the correct terms. I searched these forums and found one similar question that was not resolved. If anyone is able to help, I’d be grateful. If this may not be resolved, RW8 is not fit for my purpose.

Thanks for reading. Any help appreciated.

Hi Andy, there’s an old thread that appears to have the answer RW8-Future Theme Height Change

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Thank you very much for that speedy reply :+1:

I did not find that thread/solution in my searches and the CSS code does the trick.

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