RW8-Future Theme Height Change Error

I have applied code from this RW8-Future thread in a Future theme (RW 8.5.1) via CSS like this:
.hero {
height: 55vh;
@media screen and (min-width: 768px) {
.hero-title {
padding-top: 40px;
and it works, but an error occurs. On this page a triangle part of the picture moves in the screen from the right if I scroll down. How can I avoid this? I tested a little and the problem only comes up with the hight: 55vh. I guess I understand the padding, but I don’t really get what the “hero hight” actually means. How can I prevent the triangle sliding in?

Here is a picture:

Try adding the hero-background class when you change the hieght:

.hero, .hero-background {
height: 55vh;
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Thanks for that hint. It’s working perfectly.

… If you have the time, could you explain how those classes work scrolling up and moving the overlap angle accordingly? I suppose including the hero-background sets the background over that triangle correctly and thus not showing the picture …

… If not, no worries. You reply was breathtakingly fast :wink:

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