RW8 Theme Engineer Font Title

On mobile the font of the Title is too big. Text does not fit screen. How to get text Site Title smaller on mobile devices?

Your site title is : Bedrijfsleven | Astrid Schipper

Is that what you are referring to? Or do you mean the Page Title? - Business

Does your theme have controls to set seperate sizes for the header tags (H1-H6)? on mobile -vs- desktop?

Does it have controls to set the site title font/size?

If not, you will need a little CSS. answer the questions above so We know what you are after.

Just as an FYI, BigWhiteDuck has a HeaderPro stack that has tons of controls for headers (if you are building pages with Stacks.)

Thanks. I downloaded the stack. Nice addition to my stacks, but not the answer.
The RW8 bundled theme Engineer is not handling fonts of Title and SLogan responsive. See screenshot. The text is too long, but simply needs this length because it is a word. Smaller font for mobile devices would solve this

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