Realign blog-titles and change the font size in RW8 Engineer theme

Hi there,

Hope somebody can help me out :slight_smile:

I want the blog-titles lined out to the left. But when I do, the title in the header is also lined out to the left.

So I manage to get them both left or both centered. Is there a way to keep the header-title centered and at the same time the blog-titles lined out to the left?

And is her a way to change the font size of the blog-titles? I like them slightly smaller.

Any help is welcome! My site is posted here:

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards, Sebastiaan

It’s always best to give a URL link to at least a test page when you are asking for help customizing the styling of a page. Otherwise the person trying to help you has to take the time to set up a test site that mimics your site as far as theme page type etc.

Sounds like what you’re asking can be done

Thanks Doug, that makes sense :slight_smile: My demo site is posted here:

I also added the link to the original post.

This should left align the blog titles: {
  text-align: left;

Btw, it looks like several of your fonts are not loading. You have errors for missing files. You may want to make sure they are in the proper place.

Thanks Don, this worked. I also discovered how to change the font size, but decided to keep the size as it is.

Not sure what you mean with “errors for missing files”? The only fonts I use are the Engineer-theme default fonts.

Here’s a screenshot from Safari’s web inspector. I’m not sure if those are all theme fonts or not. Perhaps someone else does.

Thanks Don, not sure how to fix this though …

I was in the opinion that the fonts used where embedded in the theme I use (I did not change fonts).

@SebastiaanH, it looks like you published to your main site. I do not see errors for the fonts on it.

My suspicion is that it had something to do with your publishing settings when you published to the subfolder. No need to worry about it now.

@DLH, in fact after publishing I had the same missing files. So I created a folder named “fonts” and downloaded the missing files from Google.

Works fine now :slight_smile:

Thanks again for poining these errors out to me.


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