RW8 theme update


I update my theme
Installed it and now my projects not open? Theme is missing?

When I start new project I make “theme duplicate”

theme is called “”.

How I can update themes? Now I only see updated Lunar theme, but all my project/duplicate themes are missing?

Time Machine save my life :slight_smile:

How I can update my theme? @Elixir

Did you try the link at the bottom of the page to redownload purchases? That should get you the latest.

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also, you mention RW8… when you updated to 8 are you sure all your theme’s and stacks made it over in the transfer?

Yes I can download latest version, that is not problem.

But when I update “install” theme, my duplicate themes disappear??

I am sure, all work ok.

Re-installing the theme will not overwrite your duplicated theme, nor will it update your duplicated theme. This is one reason we encourage people to use the theme as it is named instead of duplicating them.That and there’s really not a need for duplicating and renaming themes any more as you can make non-destructive edits to the CSS javascript, et al. within the RW Page Inspector.

Ok, So how I change my projects use “normal theme” instead duplicate theme?

After installing the theme, open up the RapidWeaver theme selector and choose the non-duplicated theme from the list of your installed themes.

Ok, I re-install theme.

Then it says “project theme is missing” and I need to apply Offroad theme…
I apply and If I select Lunar theme all my theme styles are missing…

My duplicate theme is and original is Lunar.rapidweavertheme.
And re-install seems to delete all my duplicate themes…

Your theme styles will be reset when switching from one theme to another. A duplicated theme and the original theme are not the same as RapidWeaver sees it, and thus, even though both themes have the same controls, they get reset as RW thinks they are two different themes. Another reason I advise against using duplicated themes.

A re-install of what? RW? The theme?


So I need to do all settings again?
That can be a big problem… I have custom colors etc…

Installing a new theme should not delete duplicated themes. If that is happening you’ll want to contact Realmac Support.

As for redoing your settings – to use the new (original) theme you’ll need to do so or continue using your duplicated theme. If you’re having trouble moving over your duplicated theme I suspect Realmac Support can assist you with that as well.

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