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Would be grateful if somebody could check something for me please.

I’m using Rapidweaver Version 7.5.5 (18814), and High Sierra 10.13.3

As I understand it, if I duplicate a theme (so it becomes “theme name copy” in theRapidweaver theme drawer), if I then upgrade, or re-install the original theme is should leave the duplicate theme in place, untouched.

What I’m currently getting when I upgrade, or reinstall a theme is any duplicates I’ve made being overwritten, which isn’t what I want.

I thought it was an issue with my live setup, where I link addons with dropbox between my iMac and MacBook, but I’ve just installed a demo version of Rapidweaver on a standalone machine to check and that does the same thing.

I’ve tried this with a few themes, but just tried on the standalone machine with Forward (Nick Cates) and Media (Themeflood).

I raised a ticket with Realmac last week, but haven’t had a response yet.

Could somebody who is using the same version of RW and OSX try duplicating and upgrading/reinstalling the origin theme and let me know the outcome - just trying to confirm if it is a problem I have, or a wider issue?

Probably best to try it with a theme you don’t already have duplicated for a live project!

Many thanks



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@mark Hi I have duplicated/triplicated many times in the past and have never had the problem you’ve described, hence you’ve reminded me of a ‘clean-out’ job I’ve been meaning to do for awhile (I’ve got 10plus versions of the same theme in some examples).
OK - so I did the test on the “Multi Load” theme which has very recently got an update. In this case I renamed the duplicate theme “Multi Load KenVersion1”. I reloaded the theme from the dmg and was reminded that I was loading the same version again. I continued, relaunched RW and my duplicate copy was untouched in the theme drawer.
So - it could be perhaps you are using the default duplicate name eg “Multi Load Copy”.
It may of course be part of a devs update process where it removes to trash not only the original theme but wildcard versions containing just the theme eg “Multi Load *”.
Some devs eg Themflood do not remove your ‘old’ versions at all. I’ve still got Themflood’s Volcano 1.0; Volcano 1:2, Volcano 2.0; & Volcano 3.0.

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I think your just one of the first to be noticing and asking about this, since in app theme updates became possible.
When you duplicate the theme, The duplicate is just behaving like the original was designed to, and be updated.
Change the duplicates bundle id in it’s info.plist file to something (anything) unique.
And remove the SUFeedURL key from the duplicate if present in the same file.

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Hi Ken

Thanks for doing that for me, duplicating a theme for each project has been something I’ve done as a matter of course for a long time. The behaviour your getting is what I would expect to happen, I’ve tried with both the default 'themename copy" and “anothertheme name” to see if it made any difference and I don’t believe it has - but will check again.

Can I just confirm that you are using Rapidweaver 7.5.5 please?

Thanks again.



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Thanks Gary, so it sounds like I may have stumbled across a ‘new feature’.

Thanks for the tip on changing the bundle id and SUFeedURL, will take a look tomorrow and see if I can work it out. As long as I can keep a copy of the theme in the state I left it without fear of it being over written then I’m good, even if it does take a bit longer than ‘right click, duplicate, rename’…

Thanks again.



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Hi Ken

One other thing I forgot to mention.

Theme flood have changed the behaviour of how their updates work, details in their knowledge base. The latest theme updates do remove the prior version, but leave all the previous versions to that in place. So the v7 update of the Media Theme removes v6 (and for me removes any duplicates made of v6), but leaves v5 and 4 of the original, or any duplicates, in place. I expect Volcano updates to behave in the same way.

I understand this is to fit in with Realmac’s in app theme update system, which I believe is supposed to check for theme updates, along with add-on and Rapidweaver updates, when you click the ‘check for updates’ menu option. Must admit I haven’t yet seen a notification for a theme update when using this yet.



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