RW8 undesirable text appearing in address bar

Hello! sorry I’m not skilled in HTML may be you can support me.
Some undesirable text is appearing in Safari address bar, look at the pictures.
How can I avoid it?
Thanks. Paolo57 51

You can’t put HTML in those fields. You can only use text. The site title should be the title of your website.

OK thanks. The title (the font size) appears a bit big can I have it somehow smaller?

You would control the font size within the theme or stacks that you’re using.

What theme are you using?

Simple Theme

That’s an old theme from RW 6 days. It’s probably not even mobile friendly. And, there’s no easy way to change the fonts or sizes without adding some HTML and CSS.

I’d recommend choosing a newer theme and watching some of the starter tutorial videos so you can get the hang of things.

Simple it’s a good theme and it works with (my) mobiles. Btw I’ll check newer themes as well. Thanks!

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