Same and doubled nested folders

Hi and good day,
When uploading with a 3rd party FTP app, there are produced a lot of ’same and doubled nested folders.’

See if the slash is correct.

What’s going on here?

Like this:

(No info on this in the online UG.)

P.S. It seems that in some instances both path alternatives result in a visual page,
other times the page loads (for both alternatives) but is completely empty.



with best regards, Omar KN, Stockholm, Sweden

Just seeing this. There shouldn’t be a slash in front of the folder name or after it.

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And the file names should always be index.(html or php)

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Hi and good day,

Now that I took away all front slashes from the folders and upload the files (with 3rd party app.)
I get nested folders again, like so:

So now I have 1 file from the morning (old version with /folder in RW)

and this evening version ( without /folder in RW)

this can’t be right.


with best regards, Omar KN, Stockholm, Sweden

You still have lots of naming structure wrong…

And all of the file names need to be index.html or .php

So far I’ve come to the following understanding of how RW8 builds folders & filenames :

See pic 1.)

Society is a RW-leftcolumn-folder (in the RW UI)
it is a page ”evil-of-corruption…html, in the folder ‘society’ → no slash here. pic 2.)

But for the other 6 subpages (see: RW UI leftcolumn) do need a slash: pic 3.)

see pic 4.
hoe to get rid of the trailing slash?


with best regards, Omar KN, Stockholm, Sweden

If you are using what’s called ”tidy links” (the default, advanced settings), the URL ends with a trailing slash /. This is because the user doesn’t have to worry about typing the entire file name and extension. In addition, the URL being displayed becomes much shorter and easier to display on remote links.

Because the URL is pointing to a folder and not the complete file name it ends with the slash. The webserver figures out what file (e.g., index.html or index.php) to serve.

You might want to check out this video


Had all but forgotten about this video -thank you!

To get rid of URL with a trailing slash / there is a .htaccess rule:

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule ^(.*)/$ /$1 [L,R] # <- for test, for prod use [L,R=301]

which however didn’t do much.

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