Saving files for web - RW article question

@ben in this article you show a screenshot:
I’ve been saving my previews with “use document profile” Should I be using “monitor color”?

thanks, Lisa

First of all, the article you posted the link to is pretty good.

These terms are a bit ambiguous. I think they are specific to an application you are using for editing/saving your images for use on the web. Which app are you using for that?

In the perfect world, I would use “document profile”, but I’m afraid that browsers do not support that feature, therefore it only weighs down an image file – therefore it is obsolete. I may be wrong. Perhaps latest versions of browsers do support profiling?

As to “monitor color”, I have no idea what that means. Probably it has the same effect as no profile at all. If so, that’s probably your best bet, because you can not count on all your viewers having calibrated and profiled monitors…

Photoshop save for web. Waiting to hear from @ben as he is the one who wrote the article. Wondering if he has some insight and why he specifically shows those settings in the screenshot.

If you are using Photoshop’s “Save For Web” and you follow tips from that article, you should be good to go…

I do exactly the same as the screenshot except for the differences I noted. Not changing my system unless there is a reason behind it :slight_smile:

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