8.1 woes, back to 8.03

OK, now that I am back to where I started with a working website file I have cooled off. Sorry for the inappropriate language on my original post, but I was pretty upset. I have been using RW for years to build my site. It has evolved and changed over the years, but I have just built on what I previously had. I use the album pages for my portfolio, but use stacks to modify it like Responsive Lightbox Plus and Photo Album Beautifier using the Mirage 4.0 theme.

Like I said, I have modified and revamped my website over the years. When I started, I had little idea where to store things like photos and graphics. I think that I have most of the photos my site uses stored in a folder inside the Pictures folder that Macs have as a default. I can’t be sure that there is a photo that did not get put into this folder and resides elsewhere on my computer. RW has always known where they are and the site worked fine.

When I opened the site in RW 8.1 I got the immediate alert that it wanted permission to access my files. I have multiple sub-folders in the main folder I store my photos in and I pointed it to both the main folder and every sub-folder, but it kept giving me the same alert box. If I clicked cancel and looked at the project file, none of my website pages were showing. That really had me disturbed. I could handle it if it opened the file and showed all my pages, just missing the pics it did not have access to. That I could figure out, and fix. But not showing the pages had me really anxious. Thankfully I read one of the other threads where they mentioned using a backed up file. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that, but it was easy enough to do. So now I’m back to 8.03 and all is well.

I am probably not a typical use of this software. I only use it to build my own personal site for a portfolio of my artwork. I like to control how the work is displayed and change things as my inventory and interests change. I am not a power user, web guru or code champion. I have learned enough to muddle my way through, and it probably takes me far longer to do this work than most here. So it was really distressing when my site just seemed to disappear.

I wish there was a warning about this being a possible problem on the box that popped up saying that a new version of RW is available, do you want to upgrade now? It didn’t sound like a major change to me so i just said yeah go ahead. (like I usually do with upgrades to things like the OS or Adobe products). I am usually more cautious and will wait when it seems like a major upgrade to see what kinks may be involved. I didn’t this time and really regretted it, but like I said, I back up and going with 8.03 and will refrain from upgrading till I know I can without having rebuild my site.

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Good you got through it :wink:
I once had a computer crash long ago but following digital photographies conception. Lost all my digital photos, learned to always backup, never had another problem. Painful way to learn.
That said, there should be a clear guide (if there isn’t) for how to recover beyond using Time Machine, etc, for people who need it and also guidelines for everyone on best practices for RapidWeaver “safety” To avoid problems.
I’m guessing as more rely on “the cloud” more problems will pop up.

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