Search not working on RW community

Is the ‘Search’ function down on RapidWeaver Community?


@Panans — Seems broken for me as well. At least on mobile. I’m away from my computer right now but I assume it is the same. For Community Site stuff like this you’ll want to tag @ben and / or @dan.

Doh! that does indeed look like it’s broken right now, we’re looking into…

A couple of other issues I think should be worth mentioning while the search is being fixed:

  1. No email notifications are being sent for likes or new reviews. Previously it was always pleasing to know who was saying nice things! I checked, and they’re not in my spam folder.

  2. New reviews are missing their ‘read more’ link, so it’s impossible to read the full review. The review left here for Gateway 2 days ago is a good example.

Just to echo Will on his second point all the user reviews that I’ve looked at today are cut in half you can only read the first sentence or two.

@dan , thanks for fixing the Search function. It’s again up and running.


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