RapidWeaver Addons Shop SEARCH PROBLEM!

I have noticed that I can not ‘search’ any longer in the addons store, the Search function is no longer there?
Extremely irritating, as I need to purchase new stacks and themes and I need to be able to search.
When I go to ‘Login’ it will not let me type anything into the ‘Username’ - ‘Password’ fields. I type but nothing happens.

Anyone know whats going on or how I can fix this asap?


Im getting really frustrated with this… why can’t I search???
Do you need to be loged in to be able to search?
And if so why can I not fill out my user name and password.

Please can someone help me?

The website issue is known and should be fixed first thing Saturday (UK time)

Thanks for notifying.
I will wait and hope for a fix asap.


Search failure has not been fixed yet. A database without Search service is useless.

Best Regards