SEO Helper 4xx Error Page Stack

I’m using Joe Workman’s new 4xx Error Page stack from SEO Helper to build my 404 error page.

I’ve created a Stacks page with the following settings:


I’ve put two stacks on the page:

I’ve updated my .htaccess to include: ErrorDocument 404

But when I go to the 404 page, it’s completely blank.

Can anyone see where I’ve gone wrong?

Your server is running PHP 5.6. You need PHP 7.2+

Doh! I saw that in the video and forgot to check.

Really loving this stack!

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Team Chillidog hooked me up and the 404 page is running smoothly.

This is a MUCH better way to handle 404 than the old 404redirected work around.

Our community is very lucky to have a man of your talents! Thanks @joeworkman!


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