SEO warning - What does this message mean

Hi All

I am using Latest RW with Feather Theme.

I have SEO RX installed as a SEO evaluation tool. Could anyone explain what the warning text reproduced below means, and how to find/correct the fault.

Under Description = js in head.

Under Description = For optimal speed, the script “js/navigation/mobile_toggle_menu.js?rwcache=539218749” should be loaded immediately before the closing body tag

Many, many thanks for anyone who can help me with this.

Nothing you can change in RW and nothing to worrie about.

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That’s one you can’t fix yourself. The theme or a stack is placing JavaScript in the head section of the page. This can slow page rendering as the HTML loading can get paused will the JavaScript loads.
Honestly I think the impact of this is usually minimal, unless the size of the JavaScript is large.

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Thank you for your prompt and re-assuring response.

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