Simulator not showing correct page info when using Joe Workman's Agent stack

I use Joe Workman’s agent stack to be able to get the best looking and fastest loading webpages for both desktop and mobile devices. This stack does exactly what I need. The simulator in Rapidweaver 8 only shows the desktop version no matter what device I am trying to simulate. Since about 85% of our website traffic is with mobile devices the simulator currently does me no good. I still have to republish the website and then test on different devices to see the changes.

Is there any plans to fix this issue or is this an issue that just can’t be fixed? Besides the page looping issue this is the only other issue I have had.

I do not have an answer for you, I just wanted to reiterate your observations. Page looping happens for me only when I have the simulator opened. The simulator is currently the biggest bummer for me. It slows down a workflow substantially. So much so, that I use it only when I absolutely have to. IMHO, it needs a thorough re-thinking. Waiting for version 8.1 eagerly…

On the technical side, the simulator only simulates the screen size of the device you have selected. Agent works by recognising the device type, rather than the screen size, to serve the content that you have selected for which ever device/platform. So the simulator never sends the correct identifier, so Agent doesn’t work as you were hoping it to.

Instead of ttesting on actual devices you can always use the device simulators in xcode,

Admittedly not so easy for non-iOS stuff. There is also Agent’s built in preview settings, so at least you can test out how it would look on other mobile platforms.

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As Paul said, the Agent stack detects the ‘UserAgent’ that the device reports and as Simulator is running on your Mac (a desktop) that is what the UserAgent is reporting and thus the Agent stack acts on.
You need to either do as Rob suggested or test your published site on a real phone.

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Thanks for the inputs guys. At least now i understand a little better why the simulator does not work for what I need. Real testing on a couple of different phones is what i have been doing and will continue to do at least for now.

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I patched together my own stack for doing server side device testing some time back. I found that the simulator works if it is set to the required device when it is invoked. So if it is “ipad” and I want “iphone” I set it to the appropriate setting, close it then re-open. Then it appears to recognise the device correctly. Otherwise it just works on dimensions only.

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