Simulation across platforms

I have my website pretty much ready to go online so I use Simulate to see how my different pages look across the different devices. It looks great as I work my way down the list of devices until I get to iPad (where the photos get huge and the Card gets squashed to the side and then on the bigger computer screens the font size is tiny and the layout is horrible. I’ve tried working with the column size settings for the different devices but nothing is working. I’ve also tried changing the font size for the larger devices but it won’t change. I have it set to 16 but it looks TINY in the simulation.
I’m a newbie to RapidWeaver and trying to put together my first website using this program. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Without knowing exactly what theme, page type(s), stacks, settings, etc it’s going to be difficult to get help.

A URL to a test page is always the best way to get help. Screenshots of settings and specifics of what you are using can help as well.

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