Site change from Drupal to RW - "home" folder redirect - from where?

I have a new client with a small site. It was done with Drupal. I’m converting the site to RW and re-doing it. I can see that the Drupal install and associated files are in an actual “home” folder and not at the root.

I have a new RW index.html page located at the root level. (one up from the Drupal “Home” folder.)

However, something is still causing a re-direct to the Drupal “Home” folder when the base URL is given. I looked in htaccess and and there is no redirect there. I checked the domain and CP re-directs and find nothing.

So what else could be re-directing base url to “base url”/home/ ???

The original index page at the root was a redirect to /home/ but when it’s replaced with a RW index page a redirect is still taking place.

Hope all this is making sense…

Solved… this was a cache issue… new page was working… I just needed to clear cache… Duh!

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