Need to link server to published RW project?

Hello community, I have a problem that probably has a very basic solution but I wasn’t able to find out any answers in my search through forums and internet ( I must add that I am not a savvy RW user although I am administrating different sites without trouble until now).
So ,here is the situation: I have managed many years with Wordpress a website of our university published at our university server. The linking and administration to the Wordpress is made via apache server with latest PHP/MySQL.
Now I have made the new site using RW7 and I wish to test it along the old site on the same server, so I created parallel to the Wordpress site folder a new folder that I called rwnewsite and published my new site from RW in that folder without any trouble. The site configuration has consequently a path like: http://my old site/rwnewsite/on the settings. I can see on the server that all the site is in that folder (but I can’t see any -visible or invisible- document linking the server to the site. No .htaccess or .php or whatever, which are present on my Wordpress folder). So when I say RW to link to the site or when I directly connect to my site using the link above I get the error 404. Any idea? Shall I link to the site via MySQL/PHP?
Thanks a lot for any clues!

What are your publishing settings in RW?
Your site (home page) should be in whatever the publishing directory is. Set to.

So depends on publishing settings and server set up.

If your publishing is set to: /myNewSite/ then that’s where your index.html (or) index.php file should be.

You set the folder (and file name if you wish) for each page in the page inspector.

RW does not need MySQL (natively) unless you have an add on that needs it.

Is your home page set to index.html? Or did you name it something differently?

Hi swilliam, thanks for the quick answer!
My web address is set to http://www.mysite/rwnewsite/
The publishing (although rw publish to the folder quick and well) is set to : /www.mysite/rwnewsite
The las I choose by browsing directly to the folder in my server from the publishing dialogue.
index.html along sitemap.xml are logically inside the folder /rwnewsite.
Folders and Browser title are set the same for every single page. My home page’s filename is set to index.html as well as all other pages.
Good to know that you have to take no action at PHP/MySQL level! That’s already a good help
So far 404 continues …Thanks for your help

Hi @mnolo,
Okay so let’s back up a little.

  1. you say that you can see on your server the home page (index.html) in the folder at: /www.mysite/rwnewsite/ correct?
  2. Why would you name a folder www.anything? This is somewhat confusing to me. Normally it would just be: mysite

Is this a local server or is it actually hosted somewhere with a registered domain and DNS record?

In a normal situation you would have your site in a folder under the [Doc_Root] of the web server. This may be named something like /Public_html or /web or similar (depends how the server is set up.

Then, you would have your site folder. /mysite (this is where the home page would be.
Under that you would have other pages: /mysite/about, /mysite/contact etc,etc.
in those folders would be your index file (either .html or .php but not both)

So my questions are:

  1. what is the Doc_root folder of the web server?
  2. what is the address of the actual registered domain?
  3. is /mysite/rwnewsite under this folder?
  4. is index.html within /mysite/rwnewsite?

Just a guess since I don’t really know how your webserver is setup but I’ll bet that it’s the www. in the folder name that is messing things up because you would have to type http://YourRegisteredSite/www.mysite/rwnewsite to get there as it is.

Hi swilliam,
Let me give some background on the server. It happens to be a university server giving service to quite different users, including several websites. It is structured in a way that I do not quite understand but that works perfectly with my actual wordpress site. The last has the same path (it is a deep sequence of folders including a folder called www) /www/mysite/wordpress. So
1. Yes, correct
2. /www/mysite/ is the path I get from server, it is not a choice. No idea why the server administrator organised it that way. I will ask him when we start again. My problem is that I wish to test everything before the academic year starts…
The registered domain is globally the university name dot country completed with adding then the different sections.
Yes, I understand what you say about the structure, but it seems I am some levels under the root server…it’s a weird construction…but works for wordpress although being at the same level.
To your questions:

  1. The Doc_root folder is one level over /www but I have no permissions to publish there.
  2. As I tell above the university dot country
  3. Yes
  4. Yes
    What I just realised is that the directory for wordpress includes index.php instead of index.html. Could this be the issue?
    Well it seems to me that you are right with the /www thing but I do not understand that wordpress is working at the same place and config and rw not…
    I’ll give feedback if I find the issue. Tx!

Hi again,
Although I did not find the solution, I just tried to put the /rwnewsite folder into the /wordpress and the new site is as a subfolder from the old site perfectly visible on the web at the same address. I can’t really understand why, but for the moment is an affordable solution. When I know the real one i’ll give feedback.
Thanks a lot for your help swilliam!
Best regards

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