Site Logo Options

(Sam Powell) #1

Is there a way to delete the Site Logo from specific pages on the site? On most pages it is fine but on a couple of them I don’t want the site logo. Running 7.3

(Lisa Sandler) #2

Depends on your theme. There is usually a setting in the style prefs to turn it off.

(Sam Powell) #3

Thanks for your reply!
I am using the Medieval theme and I don’t see anything to turn off the site logo. Am I missing something?

(Lisa Sandler) #4

I don’t know that theme… who is the developer? or do you have a link to their page and the info about the theme? It should list your options… do you see it in the style options panel? It would look something like this… You see where it says Logo? The drop down would let you turn it off.

(Doug Bennett) #5

The one that comes with RW?

Then there is no option.
You can add custom CSS to any page you don’t want the logo on:

#pageHeader img {
	display: none;

In the page inspector:

(Lisa Sandler) #6

Well, there you go then :slight_smile: Yes, some of the basic themes that come with RW will not have options that other developers sell. My favorites are from @willwood: He even lets you try them out before you buy.

(Sam Powell) #7

Yes the one from Rapidweaver. And, YES, your code worked GREAT! Thanks so much!

(Sam Powell) #8

THANK YOU Doug Bennett!