How to remove logo and photo from homepage

I created a RW website in 2015 and put my photo and a logo on the homepage. I forgot how I did this and want to remove it. I tried everything on my RW file but nothing worked. This is the website:

It looks like those two are images dragged onto your page. You should see those images in RW in edit mode on your page. You should just be able to delete them there. Do you not see those images on the page in edit mode?

Yes, I see the image and logo on the edit page, but there is no way I can see of deleting them or dragging them off the page. When I drag them off onto my desktop, they stay in the RW file.

It is okay. I figured it out. I was using “delete” instead of “cut”. Sorry for being so stupid.

no problem. glad you figured it out. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: