Site Map format for Google Search Console submission

I’m using RapidWeaver 8 and the with the Voyager Pro theme on a website project. It can create a sitemap page automatically. However, the page is in html format and when using Google Search Console to submit a sitemap to they want it in xml or txt format. Is there a way to create a site map page in either xml or txt format while working withing RapidWeaver 8 and the Voyager Pro?

I am using sitemap plus plug so this should take care of our issue

There’s two different “sitemaps” that can be created by RapidWeaver. One (the one you are referring to) is an HTML one for users of your site view. It’s intended to be a navigation aide for the user, like the optional breadcrumb that some themes offer.
The second sitemap is the xml sitemap that search engines like google look for as a starting point to index your site. RapidWeaver does produce one of these. It’s controlled in advanced settings (default should be turned on) and will produce an xml sitemap and place it in the root directory of the site(where search engines look). You can look for the file to make sure it’s there by using an ftp app, your hosting company probably has a file manager or even check with a browser( it will probably look strange to humans but you can check). The name should be:

The xml sitemap that comes with RapidWeaver is adequate but limited to pages included in navigation. There’s other options for creating “more complex and complete” xml sitemaps. Search engines will follow links on the pages, so not every page needs to be included in the sitemap for them to get indexed. The xml sitemap is a starting point and some folks believe that pages included in the xml get indexed faster.


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