Smoothly vary text size with window width

Unless I am missing something obvious here…

I’ve just started playing with a new site which I’m building in Foundation. I would like some of the text to change size as the full site width (i.e. the browser window) changes. I don’t want it to change only at certain breakpoints e.g. mobile/tablet/desktop but vary between those breakpoints.

Much like the logo here: but that is an image and was wondering whether it was possible with an editable piece of text. Am I missing something in the basic settings that does this, is there a stack that does this or would I have to resort to CSS ?

If anyone has any thoughts they’d be appreciated.


I think HeaderPro from Big White Duck would do what you need.

Works well with Foundation and I imagine is among the most feature rich text stacks you can find (there’s a corresponding paragraph pro as well)


It does indeed! What a great stack.

Thanks for the suggestion


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Billboard will do it as well, as will FlexiFont. They all work slightly differently for different circumstances.

Glad you like Header Pro though :slight_smile:

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