Variable Font Sizes

Hi all, haven’t been using RW for years and had a long break between versions.

When building a site, I’m previewing via simulate and I can see the font size is way too small when simulating a larger screen like an iMac 21"-27".

I don’t want to make the font size larger as it then makes it too large for smaller screens.

Is there any way to have the font size scale in proportion to the screen size I’m trying to simulate so when I go live with the site, I can cater for a wider range of screen sizes?

Hi Jose,

How are you building your sites at the moment? With a RW theme or via stacks?

There are quite a few options for tailoring font sizes for different screen sizes, if you can tell us more about your current way of building a site then it helps to find the best solution for you.


Hi Paul,

I’m currently using a theme names Epicon with stacks.

Which version of Stacks?

I’m suing Stacks version 4.2.0

Grand, that helps a lot.

Have a look at the Scribe, Paragraph Pro, and Header Pro stacks from Big White Duck.

They are free but donations appreciated.

All these stacks can be set to use different text sizes at different breakpoints. The breakpoints can be specified by you.
The text sizes are in rems rather than pixels but quite easy to adjust to (1 rem = 16 px).
Have a play and see how you get on.

Thanks Paul, that’s a huge help. Very much appreciated. I’ll take a look at them.


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Also 1LD has a 33% off sale at the moment too, though a code needed.

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There’s also Flexifont from BWD that is specifically for managing font sizes:


Thanks all for the great suggestions. Just got back to work and will take a look

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