SMS Integration

Hi Experts,

I have a question, appreciate your input:

  1. my client wants to add a function to their website similar to live chat BUT the customer can click on icon and send an SMS Text message to their cell phone, How can I achieve this with RapidWeaver.!

attached screenshots to give you an idea of what I am looking for!



Hi @monica

Many cell phone providers allow you to send an email to a cell phone. For example,

Maybe you can just use a regular contact form and have it email their cell phone #? Another option could be a custom integration with a service like Twilio


@barchard Thank you Greg for your reply I will check both options you gave.

I’ve never actually tried this but it looks like you can use ‘sms:’ in your link, the same way you do with ‘mailto:’ or tel:’

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@jabostick wow! it works thank you… I will try to embed it in a pop-up icon or a small form and test!

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